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Source: Thailand Startup News  Aug 01, 2019

Elon Musk Launches Neuralink Inc To Inplant Humans With Chips For Direct Connectivity To Computers

Elon Musk Launches Neuralink Inc To Inplant Humans With Chips For Direct Connectivity To Computers
Source: Thailand Startup News  Aug 01, 2019
Elon Musk, listed at the 40th richest person in the world by Forbes and who started off as the founder of Paypal Inc and later Tesla and SpaceX , has now got into another new innovative corridor,   connecting humans' brains directly to computers. He described his vision as a ‘symbiosis with artificial intelligence.’

Neuralink Corporation was initially established by Musk, with the goal to develop brain interfaces to alleviate the symptoms of chronic medical conditions and neurological diseases. It set upon the task of developing an ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interface to connect humans and computers.

But many are skeptical as besides saying its for medical reasons, he continuously emphasizes other subliminal messages in his communications and talks such “the need to preserve and enhance your own brain", "create a well-aligned future", things like “humanity is at risk of being left behind by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, or AI”.

But he has admitted that the road ahead is full of obstacles especially regulatory issues. Securing federal approval for implanted neural devices is difficult but nevertheless he has already started testings on animal models.

In an exclusive interview with Thailand Startup News, Musk commented that “Neuralink will require finding a way for the brain to ‘merge’ with AI, most likely through tiny wireless chips implanted in the brain using a 2-millimeter incision to create what is called  a type of merging and symbiotic union  with artificial intelligence with a goal of no less than securing  humanity's future as a civilization relative to AI."

Neuralink aims to implant the first chip in a human patient before the end of 2020., Neuralink acknowledged that the larger goals and objectives will take a long time, as a lot of expensive research and also experimentations will be needed.

Neuralink would also make this sophisticated system affordable and widely available, and the the infrastructure would be so simple that it would not need an expensive neuroscientist to implant and maintain the chip.

Such an interface, Musk claimed, would allow "anyone who wants to have superhuman cognition to have it." At some stage in development, he said, individuals would be able to "unplug and reload into a new unit, literally," when they die.

Though the whole concept sounds crazy or like some movie satire, the concept is attracting lots of high end investors who share Musk’s vision. Neuralink's most recent Form D securities notice to filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, filed in May 2019, disclosed that the company had raised more than $39 million from seven investors , about 75% of its goal so far In the last few months.