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Source: Thailand Startup News  Aug 02, 2019

First Artificial Intelligence(AI) Bar Opens In London.

First Artificial Intelligence(AI) Bar Opens In London.
Source: Thailand Startup News  Aug 02, 2019
DataSparQ,  a British data science startup specializing in various innovative commercial applications using artificial intelligence has developed a first AI Bar in collaboration with the famous bar, 5cc Harrild & Sons , located at Farringdon, London. The application would ensure that customers stay in a “intelligently virtual” queue and  let bartenders know who is next. This according to the innovator and the bar owner, would help improve customer service and also productivity for the bartenders while also creating more profits and cut down on pub quarrels and fights.

5cc Harrild & Sons , located at Farringdon, London. 

The AI Bar Kit uses facial recognition technology and an artificial intelligence system to help the bartenders. The AI Bar system comprises three parts: a camera, a display screen, and DataSparQ’s patented software. The screen displays a live feed from the camera, which is positioned to record all the patrons waiting for a drink or an order. The DataSparQ system notes the order in which patrons approach the bar, placing a circle with a number around their face on the screen. The facial recognition tech ensures each person keeps their place in line even if they momentarily leave the camera’s view.
 “Queuing is an integral part of British life that we all have to endure, but we wanted to do something to improve the experience. It is the uncertainty of waiting times alongside rude queue jumpers that is adversely affecting patrons’ behaviour in pubs and bars. The AI Bar ensures queuing  is  hassle free, first come, first served system that makes ordering drinks more convenient for both drinkers and bar staff alike.” commented John Wyllie, Managing Director at DataSparQ in an exclusive interview with Thailand Startup News.
Regulars at the bar were skeptical initially but later were pleased by the orderliness of the system. The concept is also a boom for women and single people at the bar as there are chances of less bad encounters and also prevents rude and unorderly people from misbehaving. For the bartenders and owners, its helps to maximize their pouring potential and cuts out the need for sharp elbows when it is busy.

AI Bar Kit
The system works by displaying a live video of everyone queuing on a screen above the bar. A number appears above each patron's head, which represents their place in the queue, and shows them an estimated wait time until they get served. Bar staff will know exactly who is next, helping bars and pubs to maximize their ordering efficiency and to keep the drinks flowing. The AI Bar also comes with added bonus: an automatic age verification function, so if a customer looks underage they will be asked to produce their ID. User data is deleted locally and from the cloud server at the end of every night.
The system has the potential to save UK queuing time equivalent to pouring 78 million pints, and could make a significant dent in the average two months each Brit spends waiting for drinks in their lifetime, according to DataSparQ.  The AI based technology also provides data insights to bar managers on drinking patterns and peak times, to help them optimize their staffing requirements and purchasing plans.
DataSparQ  is developing other plug in features including automatic re-ordering, and even a "FaceTab," which would only allow people with certain faces to order drinks on a house credit. The set-up only costs about US240 including the standard hardware.
The only negative feedback so far has been advocates of privacy saying that the capturing of facial and behavioral data despite the so called deletion daily, could result in an invasion of privacy.