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Source: Thailand Startup News  Oct 20, 2019

Indonesian Catering Startup, Yummy Corp Secures US$ 7.75M in Series A Funding.

Indonesian Catering Startup, Yummy Corp Secures US$ 7.75M in Series A Funding.
Source: Thailand Startup News  Oct 20, 2019
Startup Yummy Corp, Indonesian online catering and cloud kitchen startup has received a total of US$7.75 million in Series A funding led by SMDV (Sinarmas Digital Ventures) and Intudo Ventures. The online catering solution boasts 10,000 meals produced and distributed per day with over 3,000 menus to select from Participating in the round are East Ventures, Agaeti Ventures, Sovereign’s Capital, and Selera Kapital by Sour Sally Group.

With the new funding, Yummy Corp said it is targeting 200 locations for the year 2020 across Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia.
 “We aim to use this investment to increase the quality of food and customer experience. Our main focus is the customers, and by adding distribution points we want to ensure that the customers can experience faster delivery experiences and fresher food to be enjoyed anywhere the customer orders.” Mario Suntanu, CEO of Yummy Corp commented in an interview with Thailand Startup News.
Startup Yummy Corp was established in 2017, offering two main services: catering solutions and cloud kitchen. Its catering solution offers foodservice to companies on-premise (by operating the company’s kitchen and cafeteria) as well as off-premise (as ready-to-eat meal delivery). Yummy enables employees to select and order their meals through the Yummybox app using their corporate balance or top up their balance.
Yummy Corp’s cloud kitchen business, named Yummykitchen, works with local culinary brands and delivery platforms to extend their services to its network of delivery-focussed kitchens, serving as a growth platform for the partner brands.
Yummybox acquired Berrykitchen in May 2019, the first online catering company in Indonesia. Yummy Corp said that the decision to acquire Berrykitchen was because the company happened to have the same target market as Yummybox: Office employees with greater awareness of the health and taste aspects of the food they ate.
Currently, Yummy Corp operates 25 cloud kitchen locations in the Greater Jakarta Area that serves upwards of 10,000 meals every day and has more than 3,000 menus.
The startup is also planning to expand to the Malaysian market by 2020 and already is planning to set up an office in Kuala Lumpur by mid 2020.