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Source: Thailand Startup News  Sep 21, 2019

Malaysian Recruitment Startup, SlingApp Introduces New Features On Its Platform

Malaysian Recruitment Startup, SlingApp Introduces New Features On Its Platform
Source: Thailand Startup News  Sep 21, 2019
SlingApp, a job-hunting startup based in Malaysia, owned by Beneflex Sdn Bhd, has unveiled a new feature called Talent Search that allows recruiters to search and contact active job seekers who qualify for job positions that they are seeking to be filled.

SlingApp co-founders (from left) CEO Teh Tian Ji with Lucas Wong

The initial  fee to use the Talent Search feature starts at about US$3 per Talent profile. SlingApp also announced new and affordable job recruitment advertising packages of US$48 for Standard Post and US$96 for Featured Post, to replace its current introductory prices.

SlingApp plans to introduce the Talent Search feature as well as the new pricing plans in November 2019. The startup has won a place in Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity's (MaGIC) coveted Global Accelerator Programme, in the third cohort that is currently  running.

The Talent Search feature will equip recruiters and employers with a tool to quickly look for talent without having to wait for applicants to submit applications. This process is far more efficient and easily done. Currently there are more than 50,000 active job seeker profiles available on SlingApp, and the startup aims at growing the number to at least 120,000 by the end of 2019. So far 250,000 jobs have been applied for since its inception in 2017. Job seekers can sign-up and use SlingApp to look for a job at no charge.

SlingApp is a relatively young platform but already has a proven track record where 250,000 jobs have been applied for using the  app. SlingApp is a viable platform for recruiters to look for candidates to fill job vacancies. Recruiters like SMEs are already taking advantage of the new and attractive pricing plans when they take into effect in November 2019.

Unlike most recruitment ad platforms in the market, those who advertise on SlingApp will see their recruitment ads stay live for 60 days to allow more time to collect applications. For the Standard Post package, recruiters will get 20 guaranteed applicants and for Featured Post they will get 40 guaranteed applicants.

Recruiters who use Talent Search can get the applicant profiles or curriculum vitae (CV) of those who are looking for similar jobs. Details such as work experiences, skills and education are included for recruiters to make immediate hiring decisions.
The startup is a job-hunting application that instantly connects job seekers to jobs nearby. Applicants swipe right to apply for jobs and get interviewed. SlingApp makes hiring more efficient by reducing screening time by up to 75% through the use of its Auto-Interview feature, as well as, by giving access to a pool of talent on a single platform.

SlingApp also plans to go into a funding round around the early part of 2020 to further expand its base and also look into markets like Thailand, Vietnam and also Indonesia for expansion.