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Source: Thailand Startup News  Jul 19, 2019

New Medical Startup Park To be Launched At Medical Fair Thailand 2019

New Medical Startup Park To be Launched At Medical Fair Thailand 2019
Source: Thailand Startup News  Jul 19, 2019
A New Medical and Healthcare Startup Park Platform is to be launched at the coming Medical Fair Thailand To be Held at The Bitec Exhibition Centre in September 2019. The organizer of the event, Messe Dussedorf Asia is planning to use this opportunity to promote more innovations and newer products to feed the ever growing and fast evolving  healthcare market.

The platform will primarily showcase phase 3 and phase 4 innovative medical and healthcare startups that are less than 4 years old and with products that can already be targeting sales to consumer and business segments. Most of these startups are from  categories that include health related innovations pertaining to the Internet of Things(IoT), wearable technologies, big data applications, AI based diagnostic platforms and also new mobile applications.

”The Medical Startup Park is not just a a show within a show, rather it is a networking platform and catalysts for key players of the medical startup ecosystem such as industry influencers, financial investors, entrepreneurs, accelerators , technical specialists and also healthcare professionals to meet, exchange ideas and solutions in order to achieve realizations of actual new marketable innovative healthcare and medical products,” said Ms Daphne Yeo, Senior Project Manager For Medical Fair Thailand 2019 in an exclusive interview with Thailand Startup News.

Some major innovations being unveiled at this startup park includes a new portable diagnostic for oral cancer and a food recognition mobile app that helps a user monitor their calorie intake. The debut of the Medical Startup Park will see companies participating from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India and  Singapore.

Left-right: Dr Kakanand Srungboonmee , Ms Daphne Yeo and Dr Rina Patramon

Thailand is currently being touted as a suitable regional  hotspot  for Medical, Healthcare and Biotech  Startups in  Asia especially when one considers the following factors: i) 75% of 29,000 of its licensed doctors  have one or more post graduate specialties from US, Europe or Australia ii)it has the highest amount of JCI accredited hospitals in the region ie 320 out of a total of 1852 hospitals, iii) has the highest number of medical schools in the region, iv) has the highest number of research facilities and equipped labs in the region, v)a growing number of biotech, pharma, IT and business specialists in the region, vi) cost of doing business is extremely cheap when compared with other comparable destinations, vii) the ease of setting up a business, viii) the fact that numerous foreign professional expats are drawn to the country and ix) most importantly it has a government that is supportive of innovations and startups, so much that it has set up and funded  agencies such as the  NIA (National Innovation Agency), DEPA (Digital Economy Promotion Agency), TCELs (Thailand Center For Excellence Life Sciences) and NSTDA (National Science And Technology Development Agency) , all of which are the brainchild of its visionary Premier; General Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Dr Kakanand Srungboonmee, a medical startup founder and academic innovator  from the Centre Of Data Mining and Biomedical Informatics at the Faculty Of Medical Technology, Mahidol University enthusiastically welcomed the initiative of the Medical Startup Park. Dr Kakanand said that such an initiative would greatly benefit professionals and researchers in the  healthcare and medical community interested to pursue innovation and startup projects as there will be a platform for them to meet, exchange and also learn the business and technical aspects, which most healthcare professionals might lack.

A key component of the Medical Startup Park will be a Startup PodiumTM which is the proprietary product  of Virtual International Business Accelerator, VibazoneTM (a premier online resource and networking site for startups, entrepreneurs, funders and consultants). It involves an intricately curated programme that includes a comprehensive line-up of ‘fireside chats’, presentations and panel discussions with industry leaders and experts from the medical, healthcare, financial, technical, legal and marketing industries. Topics will include updates in healthcare trends, supply chains, women in med tech and latest technical platforms with speakers from various countries including United States, China , Malaysia and Singapore. The Startup PodiumTM will be moderated  by Mr Muthu Singaram, a Malaysian innovation and startup consultant and owner of Vibazone.

The biennial Medical Fair  will this year see more than 1,100 exhibitors from over 60 countries participating with many new product making their initial debuts. There will also be many fringe events, talks and presentations with also many new pavilion concepts. Its a must a for all involved in the medical and healthcare industry.