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Source: Thailand Startup News  Nov 25, 2019

Singapore Wastewater Treatment Startup Hydroleap Raises US$1.9M

Singapore Wastewater Treatment Startup Hydroleap Raises US$1.9M
Source: Thailand Startup News  Nov 25, 2019
Hydroleap, a Singapore-based wastewater treatment startup, has secured SG$2.6 (US$1.9) million in a new round of funding, led by Wavemaker Partners. Seeds Capital, 500 Durians, and a few unnamed investors, also participated.
The technology  works on electrochemical principles and is applicable for construction, F&B, oil & gas, tannery, mining and semiconductor industries.

Hydroleap was founded in 2018 by Mohammad Sherafatmand (a PhD holder from the National University of Singapore in Environmental Engineering), Hydroleap enables wastewater treatment to be cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and automated by replacing expensive chemical treatments with a smart electrical treatment.
The startup  offers an automated modular system that does not need any chemicals to perform. The technology works based on electrochemical principles where low-powered electricity is applied to activate the aqueous solution and form coagulant reagents to attract contaminants.
The company’s  technology is applicable for wastewater, construction, food and beverage, oil & gas, tannery, mining and semiconductor industries.
Presently, the startup provides solutions at construction sites. With this new round, it plans to take its technology to industrial parks, mining, palm oil and semiconductor industries by removing suspended solids, heavy metals, hardness and COD from their wastewater.
Typically, in the construction industry, runoff silty water is treated before disposal. Currently, wastewater(s) are treated by adding chemicals (coagulant and flocculants) to the water. According to Hydroleap, this process causes irreversible financial and environmental impact. Hydroleap’s solution of using electricity to treat the water is overall 3X cheaper and 2X smaller than incumbent technologies, it claims.
Paul Santos, Managing Partner of Wavemaker Partners told Thailand Startup News  “Through electrochemistry research, Sherafatmand has developed and commercialised an electrocoagulation system. Competitors from the US and Europe lag in efficiency compared with Hydroleap’s inbuilt proprietary mechanism. Hydroleap’s beachhead market is in construction and enjoys a strong pipeline of project.”
Hydroleap has previously raised funding from SGInnovate, Sparklabs Cultiv8, Sparklabs Global Ventures and Entrepreneur First.