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Source: Thailand Medical News  Nov 16, 2019

Startup Giftano Raises Almost One US Million In Seed Funding

Startup Giftano Raises Almost One US Million In Seed Funding
Source: Thailand Medical News  Nov 16, 2019
Singaporean startup, Giftano raises seed funding from a group of angel investor and plans to use the investment to further expand in the Singapore market and also regionally.

Giftano, an online gift card startup based in Singapore, announces that it has received a US$845,000 seed funding from a group of unnamed angel investors.

The startup said it plans to use the funding to focus on the growth of the B2C online marketplace ​giftano.com​, enlargement of its product offerings, and development of the platform.

Founded in 2014, Giftano offers a premium online gift card platform that caters to both the B2C and B2B markets.
The company describes itself as a solution that provides a wide array of carefully-selected gifting options from Singapore’s most sought-after merchants and simultaneously enables buyers the convenience of having the present complementary delivered as a premium gift certificate, along with a personalised greeting card.

Its unique approach is a one-stop e-commerce platform that lets customers choose products and services with gift vouchers from more than over 100 F&B, lifestyle, and beauty brands.

Jesper Gustafsson, Founder & CEO of Giftano told Thailand Startup News, “It’s exciting to venture into the next company phase of Giftano backed by this group of angel investors. With our first couple of years focussing on various B2B services and ensuring the quality of our tech and logistics systems, now we’re ready to grow the brand in the B2C market.”

“It’s great timing for Giftano to accelerate now. We’re approaching the holiday season, the peak season of gifting, we also see the overall rapid growth of e-commerce in Southeast Asia. A lot of people already give away gifts, but by helping buyers with gift ideas and at the same time making it easy for them to buy and send gifts we believe there is a tremendous growth of gifting in the years to come.”commented Ivar Liden, Director of Business Development in a phone interview with Thailand Startup News.

Giftano’s online website allows customers to purchase gift vouchers from the get-go without going through the trouble of having to travel to a brick and mortar store and wait in long queue lines.