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Source: Thailand Startup News  Aug 11, 2019

Tik Tok Planning to Take On Facebook and Youtube For Greater Share Of Online Advertising Market

Tik Tok Planning to Take On Facebook and Youtube For Greater Share Of Online Advertising Market
Source: Thailand Startup News  Aug 11, 2019
Startup  App from China, Tik Tok is planning to aggressively outpace Youtube and Facebook in terms of gaining a larger market share for online advertising revenue. Tik Tok which is basically a short-form video app is trying to monetize its platforms with the addition of  advertising on its feed.

Almost a year old now, the app has broken the 1 billion downloads benchmark with 78 percent of its global users under the age of 30. ByteDance the parent company and owner of the Tik Tok app set up operations last year in Thailand with the aim of tapping into the markets of  Thailand , Vietnam and Indonesia for a share of the online advertising dollar that is ever booming these markets .

Known as a Vine 2.0 aspirant, one thing that makes Tik Tok different from so many social media platforms is that it is not powered by personal connections, preferences, or friend circles, one sees what is  popular at the moment.
Tik Tok has recently embarked on in-feed advertising under a call-to-action (CTA) approach.

The platform also hatched the "hashtag challenge" campaign, which lets brands engage with TikTok by urging users to participate in activities such as making short video clips about specified purposes or subject. The campaign is expected to lead to more viral videos and create brand loyalty among users. TikTok will focus on user experiences by personalizing feeds and providing editing tools and augmented reality to make videos interesting and available to share on other platforms such as Instagram.

Tik Tok is focused on user experiences and connecting companies with users. One trend within Tik Tok that will get marketers drooling in anticipation is that users are now commenting on videos with videos of their own.

Stefan Heinrich, director of marketing for ByteDance America  commented in an exclusive interview with Thailand Startup News, “That is what is unique about the app and Gen Z. They are not just passive consumers anymore. They want to see things in an authentic but different way, and leaning into that by reacting immediately. They are not just watching. They are creating in response. You are turning them into brand ambassadors without even doing any influencer marketing.”
Users must generate creative and interesting work and get to the point, according to ByteDance and at the same time marketers need to come up with campaigns to engage with young customers through the platform.
As for users and marketeers planning to ride on this new phenomenon, ByteDance has identified that most 8 seconds videos grab the attention of the Generation Z and the content subjects that are popular in Thailand at the moment are comedy and pets.

Already quiet a larger number of corporate firms are jumping onto the bandwagon and moving some of their allocated budgets for Facebook and Youtube directly towards Tik Tok. Many are also complaining that Facebook  does not seem to be working these days and that their ads are more costly but conversion to sales are negligible coupled with bad service and unfair practices.