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Source: Thailand Startup News  Jul 14, 2019

True Digital Park Opens Workspace

True Digital Park Opens Workspace
Source: Thailand Startup News  Jul 14, 2019
True Digital Park  announces the opening of  its “Work Space”, the workplace and digital innovation development space which incorporates a complete ecosystem for startups and tech entrepreneurs.

The workspace is equipped with full serviced facilities for meetings, workshops, events and lifestyle activities to enhance work life. Work Space is designed to be open and connected to create an atmosphere that  encourages knowledge exchange for innovation and also  strengthens and fulfills all startups’ needs as well as provides support from various types of partners through their journey from business establishment, knowledge sharing and R&D centers, cutting-edge technology from world leading tech companies, and supports from related government agencies. Startups in the community will also have opportunities to meet with venture capitalists and investors making it a startup ecosystem that is complete and ready to help startups achieve sustainable growth.

True Digital Park is located on Sukhumvit 101 road near Punnawithi BTS station. The first phase of the project is that  now open comprises of  three areas including Work Space (77,000 sq.m), Lifestyle Space (30,000 sq.m) and Living Space which consists of a condominium and residential area. 

Current database of members and partners at  Work Space reflects the complete ecosystem at True Digital Park. Members and partners are working in various business types including digital content, social platforms, enterprise platform, e-commerce, robotics as well as tech startup in areas such as FinTech, TravelTech, MarketingTech, PropTech and AgriTech. In terms of demographic statistics, members are 57% male and 43% female.Over 60% of  members work in digital and technology business. Their job functions can be separated as follows: 40% are  engineering, IT, technology, and innovation, 15% are technical support, 6% are digital marketing, 25% are management and business development, and 14% are other support functions such as accounting, admin, and HR.

Work Space Consists Of 4 Zones
1. Co-Working Space: working space, pantry and break-out area  
2. Office Space: a large office space with meeting rooms and event and function areas. The open space architecture being represented through connected stairs that encourage members of the community to meet, learn, share and build community organically.
3. Innovation Space: technology showcase, academy and innovation labs by partnering with government agencies, enterprises and world leading tech companies such as National Innovation Agency (NIA), Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Google, AWS, Huawei, Ricoh, UOB, Wongnai, MuSpace, Thailand e-Center (TeC), CP Innovation and True Digital Academy
4. Event and Business Services Space: full serviced facilities for meetings, seminars, business services and government’s one-stop service centers    
True Digital Park members can enjoy more than 400 workstations with well-designed seating options. One can connect anywhere in the digital world via 1 Gbps ultra high-speed internet networks and WiFi exclusively provided to members only. Shared facilities include meeting rooms and pantries with free-flow premium coffee and infused water. In addition, VC Clinic, funding opportunities for startups, advice and support for smart visas for foreign workers, business consultation, legal and other support services, tax privileges, connections with educational institutions for the improvement of tech talents are some of the other benefits members can take advantage of.

In addition to enjoyable working experience at Work Space, members can also  take advantage of convenient cashless society at Lifestyle Space, a lifestyle complex where retails meet nature and technology. This includes a 24/7 retail space that serve consumers’ modern lifestyle of managing their own time freely.